Repair Center

Do you have a technical problem with your navigation device?

DASQ Electronics GmbH operates a professional repair service and can assist you should you have problems with your Becker navigation device.

Service conditions:

  • Customers can get their device repaired for 39 EUR (including VAT) plus additional delivery costs of 5 Euro.
    Please send your navigation device to the following address: DASQ Electronics GmbH, Schönbergstraße 47, 73760 Ostfildern and attach a written confirmation for acceptance of the repair cost and a short error description.
    Customers can pay on account.
  • Unfortunately, due to the lack of certain spare parts, not all devices can be repaired successfully. If you like to attain further clarification on this, please send us an email to Repair costs do not apply for devices that cannot be repaired.
  • Customers who purchased their devices through retail, can turn to the respective retailer regarding their warranty claims or repair questions.

DASQ Electronics GmbH has no access to map updates and cannot update the devices for customers. To purchase a map update please download the Content Manager.

Are you interested in B-Products or spare parts for your Becker navigation devices?

Please write us an email at

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